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Plantar Fasciitis Socks (2 Pairs of Compression Socks Per Pack)

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Brand: Fit Nation


  • BECAUSE PLANTAR FASCIITIS DOESN'T DESERVE A MOMENT MORE OF YOUR TIME ! If you're ready to give aching heels and sore foot arches the boot (excuse the pun) and you've tried all the special stretches and frozen water bottle tricks - then our arch pain compression sleeves are about to rock your world!
  • IMAGINE A DAY, A WEEK, NO A LIFETIME WITHOUT SORE FEET ! Fit-Nation® Foot Compression Socks are professionally designed with 7 unique target zones, strategically positioned to delivery the correct amount of pressure exactly where it's needed. It's pretty scientific stuff - because the pain your feeling is caused by tense calves pulling on your achilles tendon which in turn pulls your plantar fascia tight, you need all 7 zones to relieve the tension!
  • STAND, WALK AND RUN FREELY - GET INSTANT RELIEF ! When Amazon delivers your Premium Comfortable Socks and you pop them out the box (1 of the 2 pairs that is) and you slip them on, the first word you'll be looking for is WOW! You'll immediately feel the benefit and it will continue to grow as the intelligent pressure zones help guide oxygenated blood to your heel and arch - speeding up the recovery of your sore, inflamed plantar fascia!
  • 2 PAIRS = 4 SOCKS = AMAZING VALUE FOR MONEY ! Because just like your favourite running shorts always seem to be in the wash when you need them, your new compression socks will become your new best friend so we thought it best to give you 2 pairs or you may never want to take them off, and then you may get smelly feet! All you need to do now is decide between black or white and pick your size! (See the sizing chart in our 6th image)
  • GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN ! You're making a very intelligent decision doing business with Fit-Nation. We know how important our relationship is with you, so we'll only provide you with best product and service, or your money back! Add your plantar fasciitis socks to your basket, to experience the Fit-Nation customer satisfaction phenomenon!

Publisher: Fit Nation

Details: Fit Nation® Compression Foot Sleeves - 2 Pair Pack (4 Socks)

Hi-Tech 7-Zone Design
The 7 unique pressure zones work immediately on those tense heels and aching foot arches, easing soreness and guiding oxygenated blood to where it is needed the most, bringing those all important nutrients that heal the tissue of the tender areas that need recovery.

Ultra Comfortable
Made with 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex blend to give a comfortable level of compression and a breathable sock that you can easily wash, dry and the then use them over and over again.

Why Wear Compression Socks?
• Healing response is directly proportional to blood flow, better blood flow = faster recovery
• Reduced inflammation, stops throbbing or aching feet and tense arches
• Offers support for your ankle
• Prevents re-occurring plantar fasciitis.

Why Buy Fit Nation Plantar Fasciitis Socks?
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked, feel the benefits in 30 days or your money back.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - Our Compression Socks are made from high quality professionally woven Nylon and Spandex material.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: RECOVERY & PREVENTION E-BOOK - Unlike some of the competition, we don't just sell you socks and let you get on with it, we show you other things you can be doing to speed up your recovery and how to prevent further occurrences of plantar fasciitis!